Leverage the iOS14 Ad Meltdown to Create Profitable Ads and Nuke Your Competition.

(whether you're spending $10/day or $10,000/day)

If you're a coach, consultant, author, course creator or expert then you can't afford to miss the paid ads bus in 2021.

iOS14 is irrevocably disrupting paid advertising by creating a data black hole.

Those with the solution will be able to leverage this little known hack to gain an unfair advantage over their competition and thrive through the 2021 ad meltdown. 

If you don't adapt to this new standard of paid advertising, there's a real risk your business could die. 

The best and biggest like me, saw this coming and are likely to grow intervals because I can pay programmatic media buyers and developers to deliver solutions before it becomes a problem.

But I'm willing to bet you haven't spent $30,000,000 on ads and don't have the luxury of an inside man at facebook or the best in the world on your payroll. 

Hi, I'm Chris Evans... 

And things were NOT always like this. 

Back in 2015, failure was not an option. 

I was working 100 hour weeks, I couldn't afford to buy diapers for my son Jacob, and my house was in foreclosure. 

It was a dark time, but I persevered.

Early 2015 -

I met my business partner Taylor Welch and teamed up to start Traffic and Funnels.

Mid 2015 -

We wasted a TON of time and hosted 15+ webinars together. 

Dec. 2015 -

Taylor and I finally hosted a webinar that hit, and we closed 5 high-ticket clients. $25k in the bank.

2016 -

Scallleee baby scale. We fired up the ads and dumped most of our revenue directly back into the business to clear $1.2mm. 

Fast forward just a few years and now we're on track for $16mm+ in one business unit alone.

We grew faster than anyone in our industry, and pretty soon we were out-pacing our competition left and right... All by harnessing the power of paid advertising.

In fact, our knowledge of how to dominate using ads has become so legendary that 15,926 people (and counting) have paid for our trainings on the subject.

"Two very dedicated and impressive talented experts who really do not grasp the magnitude of what they do for others...”

Jay Abraham

"What you've built in such a short amount of time is incredible... you put the work in, and you've done it the right way.”

Ryan Levesque

"Great at sales and marketing? Yes. Savant in Business? 100% But more importantly, an incredible human. I highly recommend you read and watch everything he puts out.""

Pete Vargas

So... are you ready to leverage this little known hack to gain an unfair advantage over their competition and thrive through the 2021 ad meltdown?

If so, then I'm excited to introduce you to the iOS Ad Lab...

Module #1

Facebook API Conversion 'Hack'

This is the holy grail of any Facebook ad strategy that is dramatically reducing our cost to acquire customers in 2021. This little known hack is going to make your targeting smarter by feeding clean data back into Facebook, resulting in higher converting ads at a lower cost so you can grow your business faster.

Module #2

Our "Internal Eyes Only" Ad Copy Frameworks

There's a simple science to paid advertising, and your ability to leverage it successfully depends entirely on you playing by the rules. Rather than rifling through 100 years of marketing know-how, hiring the best mentors in existence and learning through trial-and-failure I'm going to give you our "Internal Eyes Only" Ad Copy Frameworks that we have used to successfully run more than $30,000,000 in paid advertising while averaging a 5x return on ad spend. 

Module #3

Ads To Clients Training

The fundamentals of paid advertising is going to give you a predictable client-attraction system designed specifically for experts, coaches, and service providers looking to get grab new clients like clockwork (on demand). 


The "Battle-Tested" Advertising Swipe File

This is the key to the kingdom. These 50 ads produced over $1MM EACH

Instead of wondering what to write, model these top-performing ads from leading coaches and consultants

And if you're even slightly concerned whether or not this will work for you then I've got you covered, because I'm in the business of getting our clients RESULTS.

100% no questions asked, lifetime money back guarantee

If you have any doubts, stop running ads, get bought out, or even if you don't like me and Taylor anymore —

Just create a support ticket or call my team at (615) 953-9536 and you’ll get a refund within 24-hours, no judgement, no bs, No questions asked.

What would it be worth to cruise past your competitors on the back of smarter & consistently profitable ad campaigns?

Allowing you to...

  • Grab the attention of your market
  • Achieve recording breaking return on ad spend...
  • ​& scale your business in 2021 (while your competitors are left wondering what to do)

There are others ready to charge you $3,000+ for this kind of advantage...

And while we could certainly charge that too... we decided $297 makes this training accessible to everyone that needs it.

But if you're one of the first to grab this system and take action now, 
then I'm ready to make you a deal that's almost too good to be true


Just $37

Lets recap what you're going to get

• Module #1: Facebook API Conversion 'Hack'
• Module #2: Our "Internal Eyes Only" Ad Copy Frameworks
• Module #3: Ads To Clients Training
• BONUS: The "Battle-Tested" Advertising Swipe File


It's crazy cool that I never have to worry about money again.

It's amazing that you can get on facebook and start talking to people and then they become clients.


Sitting in the bathtub of the Marriott hotel with uber eats after a $10K+ day.

My phone blowing up from client wins...

... Life's so hard. Thanks, CK 😉



I've always stared in awe at people who can wake up, play on messenger for 30 mins and book calls.

Well now I can too!

Time to go find a mirror so I can stare at myself...


WIN! This morning is the first time I've take a card payment over the phone during a strategy session AND the first time I've charged the full cost of my program instead of offering a fast-action discount.

I followed the sales script, and when we got to the price, instead of an objection or waivering, all she said was, "Awesome, can't wait!"


WIN: Running paid ads for 2 weeks.
ROI 22x so far.
Thanks CK!


**WIN** Just closed my 1st client since joining CK 19 days ago, $8,700 with a $3,100 per month retainer. 1/2 collected today and the other 1/2 on Monday when we launch.


Is this an entry level workshop, or for more advanced marketers?
Yes and yes! Whether you're running ads for $10 a day, or $10,000 a day, this is a complete training that others wouldn't dream of selling. I'm going to show you the timeless fundamentals of paid advertising so you're able to weather any storm regardless of what Zuck has up his sleeve next. 
Will I be overwhelmed by info?
Unlike bloated courses and training programs filled with fluff, we've distilled our knowledge and methods into the most actionable steps possible, freeing you up to grow your business. You'll be able to implement this system in just a few hours, even if you don't have an ad account yet.

Hold your hand? We’re not sitting next to you, so no, BUT you’ll feel like “you’ve got this” within minutes of listening and watching.
Why are you doing this?
Every month we invite a handful of customers to work with us as private clients in our more exclusive programs. Most folks can't afford working with us right now, which is why this program is designed to get you results so that one day if you're presented with the opportunity, you're able to easily afford it.

Lets recap what you're going to get

• Module #1: Facebook API Conversion 'Hack'
• Module #2: Our "Internal Eyes Only" Ad Copy Frameworks
• Module #3: Ads To Clients Training
• BONUS: The "Battle-Tested" Advertising Swipe File

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